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Nine Days Of Jams

Nine Days Of Jams

Figures pulled from TomTom’s traffic index reveal that British commuters spend a grand total of approximately 9 days a year in traffic. Typical commuting times in the morning and evening actually cause journeys to take 23% longer than they usually would.

According to TomTom’s stats, 11 of Britain’s 17 major cities have actually seen their congestion problems worsen over the past year. These cities include London, Sheffield, Newcastle and Liverpool. The only cities where congestion has decreased are Nottingham, Edinburgh and Leeds-Bradford.

Harold Goddijn (TomTom’s Chief Executive Officer) was quoted saying “We are seeing a clear pattern which shows that congestion levels increase as economies emerge from recession. The traditional responses to tackling congestion, like building new roads or widening existing ones are no longer proving effective. The way traffic is managed needs significant change."


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