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Road Skills

Road Skills

In honour of the recent Road Safety Week, company Road Skills have been appealing to vehicle drivers to be more aware of cyclists on the road.

David Somers is the founder of Road Skills was quoted as saying, "Road safety is a very important topic. Most people drive and, unfortunately, many of them will be involved in accidents

"The more they are aware of safer driving techniques, the less likely they are to become involved in an accident, and injure themselves or anybody else."

"Most driving can be improved with better hazard perception and more concentration behind the wheel. A vast majority of drivers overestimate their own ability, and underestimate the need to stay within speed limits or keep safe distances

"I urge every driver to take advantage of Road Safety Week to brush up on their knowledge. You may be surprised by what you didn't know."

"We are asking all our clients to take their drivers through the Cyclist TBT. This is especially pertinent after the recent spate of cyclist deaths on London roads."

Road Skills are contributing to Road Safety Week by sending out their Injury Prevention Code of Conduct poster to various clients along with their Cyclist TBT.

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