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White Van Concerns

White Van Concerns

It has been revealed that more than a third of light commercial vehicle drivers admit to driving less carefully when behind the wheel of their work vehicle.

39% of drivers took more care when driving their personal vehicle than when on the job and of those, 67% did so to save money on fuel and reduce wear and tear.

It is understood that in addition to this, a staggering 59% of drivers surveyed were more likely to speed or take risks in their work vehicle as a result of working time pressures.

Thomas Schmidt, TomTom Business Solutions’ managing director, is quoted as saying: "A significant proportion of at-work drivers demonstrate clear awareness of the benefits of safe, efficient driving, which is applied in their personal vehicles – but working pressures are adversely affecting performance”.

Just 20% of businesses responded to the survey to explain that they provided driver training to promote road safety awareness.

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