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Zenith Tackles Emissions

Zenith Tackles Emissions

If you’re in the business of fleets, you’ll no doubt be aware of new regulations due to take force in the UK.

From October, it will be required of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to report on their greenhouse gas emissions in an attempt to monitor the carbon footprint of major businesses.

With this in mind, Independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing company Zenith has created a reporting tool to helps its customers monitor emissions and report back via a Directors’ report in compliance with the new regulations.

Ian Hughes, commercial director at Zenith, is quoted as saying: “The GHG reporting tool has been developed in-house, forming part of our on-going Pulse development and providing added value tools for our customers”.

It is understood that by having a better grasp on green house gas emissions, it is hoped that fleets will be well informed to make decisions to reduce the impact that their business is having on the environment.

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