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Government marks 30 years of compulsory front seatbelt wearing

30 Years of Seatbelts

Full article available from ABP:

Three decades of compulsory seatbelt use are being marked today as the Government made a selection of historic THINK! adverts available online.

The law requiring all drivers and front seat passengers to wear their seatbelts came in to force thirty years ago today - on 31st January 1983.

Car manufacturers have had to install seatbelts since 1965 but the law requiring drivers to wear them did not come in to force for another 18 years.

In 1991 the law changed again making it a legal requirement for adults to wear seatbelts in the back of cars.

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said:

"Thousands of lives have been saved and countless injuries prevented over the years because drivers and passengers were wearing seatbelts."

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