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Winn Assist - delighted to be voted into top spot

Winn Assist on Top

Article originally posted on ABP

Winn Assist the Specialist Accident Management Company based in Newcastle, are delighted to be chosen as the top Accident Management/Credit Hire Company in the Repairers' Choice Awards and are delighted with the Ratings Report in the Winter 2012 edition of Auto Body Professional magazine.

“Winn Solicitors regain top spot as they were the Repairers’ Choice of the Accident Management/Credit Hire Company Category, gaining a high percentage of ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ responses,” quoted from ABP Winter Report 2012.

The Accident Management Company of the Year Award is a Repairers’ Choice Award. The survey was filled out by ABP Club bodyshop members and non club member bodyshops. 436 people took part in the survey and 57.1% were ABP club members.

“We were ecstatic to be nominated Accident Management Company of the Year by UK bodyshops and ABP Club's bodyshop members. It is a great achievement for the company to have their accident management service recognised and valued by the industry. As a company we will continue to improve and develop the service we provide for bodyshops.” Comment from Chris Birkett, Winn Assist Sales Director.

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