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War on speeding motorists: Drivers face more 20mph limits and extra cameras

War on Speeding

Full article available from the Daily Mail

Drivers will be confronted with a further speed camera onslaught as part of a raft of measures to slow them down, a report revealed.

Lower limits and more road humps, chicanes and other ‘traffic calming’ measures are also among the guidance given to councils.

Ministers are calling for many more 20mph limits in residential and urban areas, and for the riskiest rural roads to be slashed from 60mph to 40mph.

They also signalled a significant role for a new generation of ‘average’ or ‘time over distance’ cameras, particularly on rural roads.

Unlike traditional speed cameras, which capture a driver at a specific spot, these devices take a photo of a car and its number plate in one location and then, up to a mile or so down the road, take a second picture and work out the average speed between the two points.

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