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Geordie balloon flies the North Sea

Winns Land in Holland

This week a Newcastle based solicitors firm has received a surprise message from across the North Sea.

Two Dutch men, named Tijin Brouwers and Jeroen Vandijk, found several branded balloons and leaflets in a moor area of east Holland. The items had been released a week earlier by Byker based Winn Solicitors from the UK. The men posted on the company’s Facebook page: “today we found a few of your (Winn Solicitors) leaflets regarding winns support (for) young drivers….strapped to several helium balloons.”

Last Tuesday the Winn solicitors team was marking the beginning of their two year relationship with X Factor star, Amelia Lily, by throwing a party and releasing some 30 branded balloons with leaflets attached to the ribbon. Little did they know that they were destined for the Netherlands.

Jeff Winn, founder and managing director of Winn Solicitors, commented: “We couldn’t believe it when we heard our balloons had travelled the North Sea and reached as far afield as East Holland. We wonder if any others made it as far or even further.”

Tijin and Jeroen were excited to have found the balloons, the inquisitive pair questioned: “what’s the purpose of these leaflets and were those intented to land as far as in Holland?”

Jeff Winn concluded: “We have responded to the pair via Facebook. We had no idea they would reach Holland or indeed even the North Sea but think it is great that they have. We really appreciate Tijin and Jeroen taking the time to contact us.”

The Northern solicitors has promised that the pair will be among the first to receive a signed copy of Amelia’s debut album as a gift to thank them and show them the significance of the balloons.


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