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Telematics Boom Predicted For 2015

A rapid increase in telematics expenditure for fleet companies has been predicted for 2015.

Next year is set to be the year that telematics become a necessity rather than a luxury for fleets, according to automotive retail performance group, Sewells. Demand is predicted to be highest among van fleets – an area that has already seen a heavy investment in the technology. And it is thought that nearly two-thirds of managers in the utilities sector now plan to invest in telematics.

According to research, devices that monitor driver behaviour are expected to be highly sought after within the NHS Trusts and Bluelight sectors. A very substantial 88% of survey participants said they expected increased spending on telematics in 2015, showing that the technology is now considered to be a key tool in making fleets more efficient and cost effective.

Telematics have been found to reduce fleet costs through the improvement of driver and passenger safety, increase in fuel efficiencies and a reduction in insurance pay-outs.

By tracking vehicles and driver behaviour, fleets are more able to contest unfair fines and fraudulent insurance claims.

Meanwhile, fleet managers can monitor and act on dangerous driving by individuals within the fleet.

It isn’t just fleet owners who are converts to the concept of telematics, either. Both commercial fleet drivers and members of the general public are increasingly protected in the event of a non-fault accident. Similarly, motorists can improve their own driving skills and eradicate bad habits by using telematics to pinpoint weaknesses in their driving.
It is also thought that the proliferation of this kind of technology across comparable platforms such as mobile phone fitness apps and the use of GPS in social networking has added to its acceptance.

A spokesperson for Sewells Research and Insight said:

‘The biggest impact of telematics is in the wallet of the fleet operator. The technology can aid fuel efficiency and produce overall lower driving costs as drivers take greater care on the road with less sharp braking and hard acceleration.

‘Cost will continue to be one of the primary motivators for the increase in demand for telematics products in the next 12 months.’
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