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Businesses taking an outward view of fleet management

More fleet companies than ever before are seeking outsourced fleet management solutions. Fleet Alliance, a leasing and fleet management specialist in the UK, has reported a significant increase in business and a host of new business contracts from companies looking to outsource management assistance in the last year.

The company says fleet management is becoming ever more complex, particularly when compared to the last decade, when fleet owners had few factors to take into consideration. Now many are happy to admit they lack the required expertise to run their fleet without outside help.

One need only look to the level of professionalism required to deal with modern financial, fiscal, environmental and legal requirements to understand why some businesses come unstuck, according to Rob Wentworth-James, Fleet Alliance’s corporate sales director.

“The increasing complexity of modern fleet management, with the need for on-demand, real time reporting, carbon footprint evaluation, fleet analysis, driver support, licence checking, accident and risk management and other related issues means that it has become a role for the expert rather than the part-timer.”

As businesses continue to pay close attention to the balance sheet, having implemented strict austerity measures in recent years, the benefits of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and eliminating problems such as road accident claims can outweigh the cost of hiring an external contractor.

Mr Wentworth-James suggests that there has been a marked increase in businesses that consider it unrealistic to run their fleets internally.

“This is why expert and professional fleet management providers such as ourselves, with access to the latest technology and the resources to back them up, have become much in demand.”

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