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Fleets encouraged to open their eyes to blind spots

Fleets in the UK are told that education is the key to solving the blind spot epidemic.

It’s part and parcel of learning to drive and failing to perform the check during a driving test will result in immediate failure, but forgetting to look in the blind spot is a common problem on the UK’s roads.

In 2012, the Department for Transport found that 866 vulnerable road users were killed and a further 13,781 injured due to road accidents, with a large proportion attributed to unsafe driving.

In response to the problems of unsafe driving, businesses are being further encouraged to emphasise the risks associated with failing to make blind spot checks and carry out risky manoeuvres to their drivers and fleet managers.

Steve Clarke of The Fuelcard People, said: “It is imperative that businesses ensure their staff are fully aware of their responsibilities to act in a safe and sensible manner every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

According to Mr Clarke, “75% of collisions reported up and down the country each year take place at or near junctions, where drivers may have had their vision obscured.”

In its capacity as the road safety charity, Brake is also keen to address the issue of driver visibility, having released a report into the most common instances in which motorists need to be aware of potential traffic in their blind spots. Brake’s research and information officer, Laura Woods said, "Addressing and managing the risks caused by blind spots, and ensuring drivers are manoeuvring with the utmost care, is essential.

"This report sets out vital steps managers should take – whatever types of vehicles they run – to minimise blind spots and ensure drivers know how they can best protect vulnerable road users."

There are a number of ways in which fleets can seek to reduce the risk of their drivers being involved in accidents with vulnerable road users, including new technologies such as in-car CCTVs, parking sensors and choosing cars with windows and mirrors that reduce the size of the blind spot.


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