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They’re windscreens . . . but not as you know them

Auto Windscreens, a national company specialising in repairing damaged windscreens, has made the news after installing its fleet cars with new CCTV technology. The cameras, produced by SmartWitness, will record any accidents drivers are involved in, assist safer driving and help to protect employees.

The cameras, developed in the UK, US, Japan and South Korea have been attached to the 340-strong fleet at Auto Windscreens. They fit securely on the inside of the windshield using adhesive pads, much like a SatNav, and are wired to the vehicle battery.

In addition to simply recording road accidents, the device also takes note of driving style and car speed – and even offers advice! Information is stored on an SD card, which can be downloaded and studied at a later date.

Managing Director of Auto Windscreens, Chris Thornton, said: “Driving standards are essential to any fleet and our investment in SmartWitness cameras is part of our commitment to promote better driving behaviours among our technicians.

“It will also help to safeguard them in the event of an accident that is not their fault and identify if any retraining is needed.”

The primary reason for the new cameras is as valuable evidence in fleet accident compensation claims – a problem that could otherwise cost the firm thousands in erroneous insurance claims. However, there are secondary functions for the device. It has evolved into a piece of training equipment based on its ability to playback driver errors or possible areas for improvements. Managers are now able to monitor driver behaviour and highlight any issues they detect.

Mr Thornton went on to say: “We’ve already received very positive feedback from our drivers as they feel the cameras offer reassurance, eliminating the potential for them to be falsely accused of causing a crash and driving recklessly.”

The SmartWitness website boasts a failure rate of ‘less than 0.002%’ and is the ‘ logical choice of provider for products that encourage safer driving, reduce accident frequency and severity, detect insurance fraud, control claims, mitigate whiplash and PI claims, and deliver long term fleet premium reductions’.

For some time fleets have been investing in black box technologies to provide similarly constructive feedback. But perhaps now it is only a matter of time before more fleet car companies turn to video recordings in order to improve their service and safeguard their businesses.

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