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Widespread go-slow zone plans met with mixed response

Plans to enforce ‘blanket’ 20mph zones on Britain’s streets has been met with a mixed response from residents and fleet car companies. Many suggest brakes should be put on the plans, and more people consulted before they become a reality.

A study conducted by AA would suggest two-thirds of people want to have their say before any new rules are enforced relating to widespread 20mph zones in the UK. More than half of those to respond to the survey also wish to voice an opinion on where these speed limits will be set – with most keen to see hospitals and schools protected, while less inclined to have commutes to work disrupted in general areas.

Brighton has already imposed a version of the law, and many cabbies in the area were sceptical of the move in 2012. One concern was that passengers would misinterpret the slower speeds for ‘being taken for a ride’. Many drivers expected those in the car to complain about slower arrival times, and reduced value for money.

In Cambridge one case was cited by the GMB where a taxi driver was attacked when taking a person to hospital for going at a reduced speed. The case was brought to the attention of councillors in the area.

Mick Hildreth of the GMB said, ‘To put in a total 20mph limit on the whole city 24 hours a day will have an adverse effect on our members especially in the evening when there is no traffic about.’

However, the response of Green councillor Ian Davey, Transport Committee chair, while understanding, was supportive of the 20mph limit. His message was that a slower speed limit was the simplest and most effective way to reduce accidents on the roads:

‘I am mindful of taxi drivers’ concerns but in reality any increase in journey times is likely to be minimal and we need to balance them against the significant road safety benefits we hope this will bring across the city.’

It is not only taxi drivers with concerns about the issue, either. In one poll, it was reported that 47% of people disagreed with the stance that motorists should not be consulted when such road safety benefits would be felt by the speed reduction.

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