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It’s a Mini Fleet Adventure

Mini will release its first five-door hatchback model in a move to gain a larger portion of the small car market, specifically in the fleet sector.

The Mini Hatchback was first released by BMW in 2001 as a three-door vehicle. Until now, the company has offered a five-door option in only its larger, chunkier brother the Countryman. But as the success of the rebooted Mini has grown over the last decade, BMW have sought to expand the range of this iconic brand further.

Now, the fun that has always been a key part of the mini’s make-up will be given an added injection of practicality with a new five-door hatchback expected to offer 30% more space in the boot. In addition to this, there will be a selection of engine sizes.

The car will be revealed to the public for the first time in October at the Paris Motor Show where it is expected to garner interest from businesses looking to grow their fleets. The Cooper and Cooper S models will be released in the subsequent months, as will the One edition.

The BMW-owned British institution is looking to make gains in the corporate sector, where their distinctive 3-doors have historically proven problematic. Most fleets choose not to purchase 3-door cars due to the difficulty entering and exiting, and the limited space inside. But the popularity of the Mini design – combined with the impressive economy of its new engines could make these larger models a hit in the fleet vehicle sector.

The car offers very affordable running costs. It can also boast impressive ‘green’ credentials, as the 5-door model’s diesel alternative produces less than 100g/km of CO2 emissions.

In 2013 the small car sector accounted for over 350,000 registrations in the UK alone. And Mini is now committed to increasing its 7% share of that market, with BMW looking to embrace opportunities for growth and combat concerns that older motorists with greater buying power feel that they have ‘outgrown’ the existing three-door Mini Hatchback.

This new model however, dishes out extra space and comfort, without sacrificing style. This goes for the driver, front, rear passengers – more legroom, headroom and boot space are on offer.

James Morrison of Mini, said: “We are already aware of the demand for a five-door hatchback from our current corporate customers, and we think there is a role for the car as a salary sacrifice choice, a job need car and among user choosers.”


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