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Drivers to Face Increased Emissions Tax in 2017

Emissions Tax

 According to new plans, employers could face a CO2 tax bombshell in the next three years. That’s despite figures suggesting European emissions in cars and vans are on the decline.

In the wake of news suggesting that fleet operators are on track to reduce their CO2 output under the current regime, a new vehicle emissions test is set to be introduced in 2017 to combat loopholes in the current system.

The criticism of the current criteria comes as new European figures show official carbon dioxide emissions for new cars sold in the region last year dropped to 127g/km, equivalent to a 56.5mpg average. This means that, on paper at least, makers have already exceeded 2015 targets to cut the average to 130g/km.

Under the new testing regime, however, it is claimed that a “more realistic picture” of fuel consumption will become clear – something the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) has failed to deliver, according to experts.

Company car drivers and employers in the UK, who pay tax according to a vehicle’s CO2 emissions, could now be left facing a big decision when it comes to ordering in new additions to their fleets.

A spokesperson from the Brussels-based Transport & Environment (T&E) group, said: “Fuel efficiency standards are being undermined by an obsolete test.”

“The test procedures are a Swiss cheese, full of loopholes, that car makers exploit to exaggerate improvements in fuel economy and emissions.”

CO2 emissions from cars and vans in Europe had been enjoying a steady decline according to new figures released by the European Environment Agency.

In 2013, average passenger car fleet emissions were 127g CO2/km compared to 186g CO2/km in 1995 - a 31.7% decrease over the period.
This is said in some quarters to be the result of the long-term efforts of the automobile industry, which have been sustained both with and without legislation.

The European Environment Agency, however, refutes this claim suggesting those involved in the automotive industry needs to think about more sustainable transport systems. It claims that the car cannot solve all of the world's problems in the 21st Century.

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