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Brian Clough Way Worst Road In Britain


He may have been a genius tactician and one of England's all time greatest football managers, but there would have been nothing Brian Clough could do to manoeuvre through Nottingham's A52 road – a highway that has been officially branded the worst in Britain.

Breakdowns aside, traffic delays are considered to be the most miserable aspect of commuting. Every day hours are wasted due to overcrowding and poor road planning. Now, the Department of Transport have revealed that, statistically speaking, Brian Clough Way in Nottingham tops the list of the worst roads with less than 40% of drivers likely to traverse the link road to the M1on time.

The statistics, from the Department of Transport, for 'on-time' car journeys are now being used by to inform motorists which roads they should avoid.

The delays put the A52 Brian Clough Way in the number one position for the ten worst roads in England. But roads in the South of England have also come under fire, with research showing traffic nightmares a daily occurrence in places such as Brighton and Bexhill.

Over 2000 stretches of road have been regularly monitored and the DoT is looking for users of the data to give feedback to improve their reliability and use.

The best roads are also revealed with A11 between A1101 and A14 East Anglia achieving 100% on-time conditions in January 2014. However, even on this small quiet stretch of road, road works have been announced and local drivers will soon face delays.

The 10 Worst Roads in England are:
1.A52 Brian Clough Way, Nottingham
2.A61 from Barnsley to the M1
3.A404 from Maidenhead to M4
4.A63 South of Hull
5.A259 Brighton
6.A33 Basingstoke
7.A24 Worthing
8.A500 Newcastle Under Lyme
9.A23 Redhill
10.A259 Bexhill

Meanwhile, research carried out by the World Bank has revealed Britain’s roads are the most congested in Europe.

According to the figures, there are 77 vehicles per kilometre of road in Britain – 76% higher than the European average.

There are just 29 vehicles per kilometre across the North Sea in Norway.

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