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New EU emissions test to come into force

A new emissions test is to be rolled out across the EU from 2017

The Real Driving Emission (RDE) test has been approved by the European Commission, after accusations that the current fuel economy tests are outdated.

Previous emissions tests have only taken place inside a laboratory setting, but research by the Sunday Times and Emissions Analytics found that many cars’ emissions exceeded laboratory results when on the road,

The average variation saw cars using 4.4 times the legislated limit but some cars were far worse.

The firm did, however, report improvements over outgoing Euro 5 emissions of nearly 50%; “We believe the manufacturers, anticipating this legislative change, have really stepped up their game and the results are encouraging, although still mixed,” said Emissions Analytics CEO Nick Molden.

The Secretary General of ACEA, Erik Jonnaer, has however warned against quick implementation of new criteria: “This is not smart regulation,” he said. “We need clarity in advance so that we can plan the development and design of vehicles in line with the new requirements.”


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