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Fleets confused over licence check changes

Fleet operates are still uncertain on how to check employee driving licences once the paper counterpart is retired in June.

That’s the finding of LicenceCheck, who are warning that the abolishment of the old system, and the introduction of the online ‘View My Driving Licence’ service, is likely to cause confusion amongst employers.

Part of the issue is that the DVLA’s View My Driving Licence system is only permitted for use by individuals, not for employers and other third parties. In fact, misuse of the system is an offence under the Data Protection Act that and could lead to prosecution.

Richard Brown, managing director of LicenceCheck, said; “It’s an incredibly confusing time for companies who need to manage their fleet drivers within the confines of the law.

“Some of the fleets we have spoken to have been told it’s okay to use this service if they’ve obtained a written mandate from the employee concerned.”

The DVLA has since clarified the rules surrounding the online platform, stating that it is ‘intended for drivers to check their own records only, and should not be used by third parties to access driver records’.


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