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Are new car drivers really getting their moneys worth out of their mpg?

Many motorists are losing out on mpg although they were led to believe otherwise.

This suggestion, made by Which? was revealed following tests on 200 new cars.

The RAC has also claimed that a change to the standard fuel economy test is “long overdue” as it is clearly not reflective of real world driving.

Surprisingly just three of the vehicles that were tested met their official fuel economy level with the average car a significant 13% short of its mpg claim, as revealed by the consumer watchdog.

This means the typical motorist covering 10,000 miles will have to pay an average of £133 per year more on fuel than they were expecting to, needless to say its expensive.

RAC’s chief engineer David Bizley said “Many motorists who have bought vehicles expecting high miles per gallon figures have been sorely disappointed when they fail to achieve the numbers claimed by the manufacturer.”

Which? Has said that the motor industry is calling for official mpg testing to be put off until 2020. These tests were originally scheduled for 2017.

It claims that the official testing that is currently being put into practice is out-dated and does not portray a true representation of real life situations.

The which? Executive director Richard Lloyd explained, “With fuel costs being such a big concern, new tests should be introduced as soon as possible.”


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