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Fleet drivers fear rise of the machines

Fleet drivers are becoming increasingly worried that they will be replaced with automated cars in their lifetime.

According to new research from fleet telematics specialists Masternaut, a quarter of those who drive professionally believe they will be made redundant by self-driving vehicles before they’re due for retirement. In younger drivers that number rose to 55%.

The findings come as part of a survey of 2,000 UK employees to determine their attitudes toward the changing face of motoring. The survey also found that 15% of professional drivers would leave their job rather than work in a fleet alongside autonomous vehicles. Conversely, 23% said they would stay despite a strong disliking for the situation.

Steve Towe, chief commercial officer and UK managing director, commented: “Driverless car technology is a very exciting development for the automotive industry and represents a major step change for UK roads, one of the biggest changes in history. It’s very important that in order to get the true picture on the future of driverless cars, that we consider the potential impact on a very important group of stakeholders; the business driver, the people who use the roads every day as part of their job.

“We haven’t heard a great deal from professional drivers on how driverless car technology could affect them in the future, which is something that needs to be taken into consideration, especially considering that to date in 2015, 56% of new vehicle registrations have been fleet vehicles.”

Masternaut’s study also found that those working in London and York were the most concerned about their future, whilst a third of those surveyed expressed their worries over viruses infecting computer-controlled vehicles.


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