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RAC Telematics achieve record-breaking accuracy

Software developed by RAC Telematics now gives a crash detection accuracy of 92%, compared to a 70% industry average.

The UK’s transport research laboratory (TRL) completed more than 60 controlled tests at the end of 2014, including collisions compared to more minor impacts such as hitting a kerb. Out of these tests, the telematics provided 92% accuracy.

This means that the RAC telematics can provide information about whether a crash has or has not taken place using acceleration and vibration signatures at the point of incident.

The RAC believe this highly accurate technology will benefit many people in the automotive industry, including drivers and insurance providers. In the UK, collisions that take place at less than 10mph make up for double the amount of accident claims than at higher speeds.

Using the RAC Telematics system, insurance providers will receive detailed information first about where and when the crash has taken place, providing them with extra detail to resolve cases quicker. Lease companies will also benefit, in that they will receive greater insight into the condition of the vehicle to provide customers with a better repair service.

Nick Walker, managing director of RAC Telematics, said; “Crucially, our technology will identify a low speed incident where crashes are often missed or disputed. It will also separate out events known as 'false positives' such as speed bumps and kerb impact, giving significantly more intelligence than traditional methods.”

He continued, “The results from TRL provide unrivalled independent verification of the crash detection accuracy of the RAC Telematics system, which is hugely beneficial to our customers looking for a product they can trust to report events with the highest accuracy.”


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