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MPs to embrace electric cars

The government is about to jump on the green bandwagon, with the first electric cars due to join the ministerial fleet.

Four gas-guzzling ministerial cars will be replaced as part of the initial roll-out, which also includes 136 other low emission vehicles. In total 64 of these will be fully electric.

The move is part of a £500m push to promote low-emission cars, with this first step representing £5m worth of investment. Many of the vehicles, including the ministerial cars, will be 100% electric, UK built, Nissan Leaf models.

The new additions to the ministerial fleet have been hailed as “an important step” by the transport minister, Baroness Kramer, who is hoping the new vehicles will not only save money on fuel, but also help to improve air quality and tackle climate change thanks to lower greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants.

Kramer said the government’s aim was to demonstrate the usefulness of an electric vehicle fleet. The government announcement comes as a new report suggested that a mass switch to electric cars could cut the UK’s oil imports 40% by 2030.

Electric car sales are still behind those of traditional petrol and diesel cars, with a relatively high price-point and lack of charging infrastructure commonly blamed for the general public not switching.


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