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Electric vehicles could have huge impact by 2030

Electric vehicles could save drivers around £1,000 per year, according to a new report.

A study by Cambridge Econometrics has shown that motorists will be significantly better off by the year 2030 providing that at least 6million of them make the switch away from diesel and petrol engines.

On a national level, such a switch could see the UK save up to £13billion on fuel a year, cutting carbon emissions by 47%.

Cambridge Econometrics, who wrote the report on behalf the European Climate Foundation, also highlighted the health benefits that would arise as part of a long-term shift toward electric vehicles. According to their findings, air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide would be almost completely eradicated by 2050, with decreasing cases of respiratory disease potentially saving the health service billions.

The report did note however, that persuading motorists to ditch the petrol pumps remains a huge challenge, and that a greater investment in infrastructure, such as providing more charging points, must be made before drivers’ fears can be fully allayed.


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