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Goodyear test-drives revolutionary new tyre

The electric car is now a firm fixture on the world’s roads but there is still room for improvement, and it looks like the next big step has already been wheeled out.

The Nissan Leaf may have blazed a trail for a whole glut of other small electric vehicles but the concept still has its drawbacks, such as a still relatively low range.

Range anxiety is one of the main reasons that hybrids have really began to excel, with BMW even building the hugely desirable i8, but that might be set to change thanks to tyre giants Goodyear.

Exhibiting at the Geneva auto show, Goodyear unveiled a revolutionary concept tyre that harnesses the friction generated by driving, transferring the heat into electricity to charge the electric motor, and potentially eliminating the need for a back-up petrol tank.

Called the BH03, the tyre also has ultra-black textured patches to absorb sunlight, enabling the car to gather precious heat whilst parked or otherwise stationary.

Speaking about the tyre, Goodyear said; “This tyre generates electricity through the action of materials in the tyre that capture and transform the energy created by heat when it flexes as it rolls during normal driving conditions.” So far so vague, but they did reveal that the BH03 is made with a layer of thermo-dynamic piezoelectric material, which sounds pretty futuristic.

The BH03 is likely to spend a few more years in development before coming anywhere near tarmac but it does at least represent an interesting leap forward in the viability of electric cars.


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