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Fleet drivers warned against accepting blame for accidents as number of driving fines increases

Company drivers are being involved in more offences than ever, and accepting blame for accidents without realising how it will affect their personal insurance premiums.

In 2014 alone, fleet drivers accrued combined fines of over £9.4 million, almost one and a half million pounds more than the year before. The total number of motoring offences committed by fleet drivers increased by 16% over the same period.

Motoring bodies are warning that new technology due to be introduced across Britain’s motorways, such as smart speeding cameras, could see an even bigger increase in fines if drivers don’t change their habits.

Guy Mason, head of fleet operations at Lex Autolease, said: “Businesses ought to be concerned by the increase in the total number of motoring offences, especially the rise in more serious infringements such as speeding and driving while on a mobile phone.

“Company drivers are often under more pressure than ordinary motorists to complete each journey as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately the need to hit deadlines or attend meetings on time can sometimes lead to poor behaviour on the road.”

Meanwhile, a widespread ignorance of the rules surrounding company car insurance has lead to an increase in personal premium costs, with motorists unaware that accepting liability for accidents will inflate both the company policy quote and their own. Personal no-claims bonuses can also be adversely affected.

The RAC is putting the onus on employers for not making their insurance arrangements clear enough, with RAC Business Services spokesman Simon Peevers saying: "Every employer, as part of their Duty of Care responsibilities and risk management policy, should ensure all drivers are well aware of the insurance arrangements for their vehicle and how these may affect their own personal car insurance.


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