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Study shows councils are embracing electric vehicles

Local Authorities are getting behind the green revolution, with electric cars beginning to take a more prominent place in council fleets.

A new survey by Intelligent Car Leasing has shown that around a third of all councils in the UK are operating at least one electric vehicle (EV), with Scottish local authorities occupying four of the five top spots for EV numbers.

Dundee City Council ultimately demonstrated the biggest commitment to electric cars, incorporating 38 EVs into their car pool. They were closely followed by South Lanarkshire with 24 EVs, Glasgow with 22, Islington with 19 and Fife with 17.

On the flipside, the survey does show that two thirds of UK councils have no electric vehicles in use at all. Despite that however, Intelligent Car Leasing is optimistic about the future, seeing councils as early adopters and well ahead of the private sector.

They also note that buying electric cars can still present a larger financial investment than petrol or diesel models, with limited council budgets often constraining green agendas. That being said however, it’s hard to imagine that the number of EVs in council fleets wont increase over the coming years.

Intelligent Car Leasing used Freedom of Information requests to survey 433 local authorities on their EV activities, with 412 (95%) having replied by the time their results were published.


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