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Motorists and fleet owners urged to enjoy low fuel prices whilst they last

A warning has been issued to motorists to enjoy low fuel duty prices whilst they last, especially as any new Government is likely to consider upping the price at the pumps once more as part of deficit reduction tactics after May’s election.

The comments have come as part of a survey from the leading corporate motoring industry outlet Fleet News, who note that with fuel duty having been frozen for three years it is now a prime target for an increase in taxation, with the unpopularity of any such move mattering far less after the public has gone to the polls.

Supermarket price reductions have seen Asda, Tesco Sainsbury’s and Morrisons slash the price of petrol and diesel in recent months, further incentives such as loyalty point schemes have seen motorists paying the smallest refilling bills in years.

As it stands, fuel prices along the production and supply chain are reasonably low, with three quarters of the price paid at the pump actually going straight to the treasury.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “We are now getting to a point where the share that the Treasury takes from the forecourt price is nearing 75%.

“We should perhaps be seeking a commitment from all the major political parties that they will not look to increase fuel duty in the next parliament.”

Elsewhere in the report, 64.2% of respondents to a Fleet News poll believe a litre of diesel will remain less than £1.20 come the end of the year whilst one-in-five (18.6%) predict that company car and van drivers could be paying less than a £1 for a litre of diesel within the next 12 months.


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