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Toyota release patents to electrify green future

Toyota is paving the way for a more eco-friendly future on the world’s roads after sharing their hydrogen fuel technology with manufacturers and suppliers world-wide.

The Japanese motoring giant have removed the patents on thousands of their products for the next five years in order to facilitate an unprecedented period of growth within the sector, and are urging energy suppliers, academics and government regulators to join forces to boost faster, greener technological development.

Altogether, 5,680 patents have been released relating to 1,970 fuel cell stacks; 290 high-pressure hydrogen tanks and 3,350 fuel cell system software controls. A further 70 are linked to hydrogen production and supply.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Toyota’s senior vice president of automotive operations, Bob Carter, said; "The first-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, launched between 2015 and 2020, will be critical, requiring a concerted effort and unconventional collaboration between automakers, government regulators, academia and energy providers," Carter said in a speech at CES.

The freedom of third party companies to use Toyota’s technology will expire in 2020, the year that the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are due to be launched.

Toyota says it will "request, but not require" other firms to share their own fuel cell related patents in return.



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