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Manufacturers look to future-proof cars against hackers.

Drivers are being warned of the emerging threat of hacking that is set to target vehicles in the near future.

The warning comes as new models are increasingly designed to offer connectivity, turning cars into round-bound computers. Bluetooth connectivity for phones and personal music players are already commonplace and it is these systems, and the ease in which they can be accessed externally, which are causing concern.

As well as the existing connectivity features, car companies are betting heavily that their consumers will soon be demanding streaming services and increased email functionality, whilst the US government is floating technology which would allow cars to talk to each other, warning other motorists of nearby dangers.

Manufacturers believe the looming threat is so great that they are already looking to pre-empt it by hiring their own teams of hackers to test new and existing systems.

Aiming to identify and strengthen the most vulnerable pieces of code, those controlling critical elements of the car’s systems, tests have already been run by the US Defense Department. Using a 2012 model, the demonstration showed that it was within the capability of hackers to not only gain access to the car’s electronics, but also map out and create a ‘skeleton key’ to be made available online.

To combat the possibility of their theory becoming reality, several of the largest manufacturers are working to set up a joint “information sharing and analysis center.” Similar to a system used to fight cyber crime in the banking sector, the ISAC will allow manufacturers to analyse perceived threats and forewarn each other should an attack take place. Others however, such as General Motors, are looking at the systems employed by defense companies to provide guidance.

It’s important to remember however that these concerns are largely hypothetical with no examples of cars being commandeered by hackers outside of carefully staged test conditions having been recorded.


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