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Christmas Party-poopers Failing to Provide Adequate Travel

With Christmas fast approaching, staff and employers will be busy preparing for an end of year bash. The Christmas party is the centrepiece of any business’s social calendar. But the question is: are they safe?

Data collected by Driven A to B suggests that less than 25% of companies will ensure employees get home safely after their Christmas do this year.

A massive 97% of respondents told the researchers they would be attending a party this year, with 31% of parties planned to finish between 10pm and 12am. A livelier 54% are planning to go on past midnight, while a battle-hardened 6% expect to be partying till well after 4am.

While many companies aim to meticulously plan their day or evening out, the majority will not consider arranging or advising on post-party travel plans as part of their responsibility.

While some employees admit this shouldn’t be a concern for their employers, others believe that it is part and parcel of running a staff evening. Just under a quarter (22%) of employers surveyed saying they would be willing to pay for a car or taxi service to get party-goers home.

A healthy 57% of people asked thought that a Christmas party was a good idea and an excellent opportunity to meet up and have fun with colleagues.


Chief executive at Driven A to B, Mike Bell supported the concept of a Christmas party but warned businesses about the need for greater awareness of travel safety: “Christmas parties can be good for morale and help employees to get to know each other, but it’s important that businesses consider their safety too.”

He believes a combination of late nights and too much alcohol could result in people finding themselves in dangerous situations due to the increasing number of anonymous, unlicensed vehicles on the roads. With this in mind it is quite possible someone could end up in a car with a driver who has not received proper training or background checks.

Mr Bell continued:

“There are also legal considerations for businesses. UK law states that the office Christmas party is an extension of the normal working environment and as such employers are still liable for the safety of their employees.”

It seems then that the festive spirit can be something of a minefield. Hardly worth it when you consider that 57% of the people canvassed said they would happily exchange the Christmas party for a bonus.


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