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Service Plans Save Money

Service Plans Save Money

A manufacturer service plan is often a good selling point for the retail consumer, but experts say they could well save fleets money in the long run too.

Fleet News reports: “Those manufacturers that don’t have an off-the-shelf service pack for fleets argue that the differing requirements of companies make it difficult to offer one.

“The popularity of contract hire with maintenance agreements is cited as another reason.”

The UK's leading Fleet Management & Fleet Funding Specialist, Lex Autolease is one company that does purchase the service plans.

However, they’re integrated into Lex Autolease’s own plans as the manufacturer schemes do not cover wear & tear of key components such as brakes and clutches. It is understood that the manufacturer plans also can’t be tailored to different age terms and mileages.

Guy Mason, head of fleet services at Lex Autolease is quoted as saying: “The benefit to fleet managers is financial.

“The service packs we currently purchase enable us to reduce our service, maintenance and repair (SMR) budgets as the manufacturer supports the cost of the packs in return for guaranteed service retention within their network.”


[Article inspired by Fleet News/ Image courtesy of J.C Discount Tires]


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