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Car Buyers Plugged In To New Technology

Electric vehicle sales surge in line with Government-backed grants, according to findings.

The number of electric vehicles being bought from dealerships across the UK has been rising steadily over the last couple of years. But thanks to a surge in plug-in grants being handed out in the last quarter, growth in the electric vehicle market have soared.

The Government’s plug-in grant allows vehicle buyers to significantly cut costs, reducing the price of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) by up to £5,000 for cars and £8,000 for vans.

These grants appear to have bolstered an already buoyant new car market, helping to continue growth which has seen car sales grow month on month since early 2012 – across both private and commercial vehicle sales.

Since launching in 2010, 17,000 grant-funded ULEVs have taken to the UK’s roads. But astonishingly 5,000 of those were handed out between July and September – double that of the previous quarter.

With the new registration plates coming in this September, it appears that car buyers have been spurred on to take advantage of this cost effective option.

Of the recently published figures, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said, “It is not surprising that people want these vehicles – they are a pleasure to drive and incredibly cheap to run, as well as beneficial to the environment.”

The growing choice of make and models of electric car combined with an ever-expanding network of charging points has made plug in vehicles a more desirable alternative to internal combustion-engined cars than ever before.

Baroness Kramer continued:

“The Government is breaking down barriers that may have put people off in the past.

“This growing confidence helps the UK strengthen its position as a global leader in developing green technology. Expanding this sector is also creating thousands of jobs and contributing to Britain’s thriving £11 billion automotive industry, and encouraging more investment in the UK – a key part of this Government’s long-term economic plan.”

With a further £500 million set to be invested in the electric car industry between 2015 and 2020, and ongoing measures from the Department for Transport, it seems that this rapid growth will only increase over the next few years.



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