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Easy Car Club Launched

Easy Car Club Launched

Details were released yesterday of an innovative new way for car owners to earn money during vehicle down time.

Named the ‘Easy Car Club’, the venture allows drivers to advertise their vehicle online to people looking for a short-term solution to their motoring needs.

Some vehicles can be hired for as little as £23 per day, which makes the scheme more affordable than traditional car hire firms.

It is reported that in terms of insurance, Easy Car Club provides comprehensive cover with protected no claims discount as well as free RAC roadside assistance. Excess is set at £600 per day, however this can be lowered to £100 by paying just £2 per day more. In return, they take a 10% cut of the rental fees (which are set by the owner).

Easy Car Club explains: ‘For the safety of all our members, we only accept relatively new cars, up to a certain value, mileage and insurance group limits. What’s more our insurers also run identity, DVLA and insurance claim checks to confirm eligibility of the car’s owner.”

Vehicle owners who register their vehicle with the scheme are reminded that although comprehensive cover is provided for the duration of the rental, owners with a mileage limit on their own policy must take the extra use into account and inform their insurer of additional miles.

Car owners and renters are encouraged to leave feedback on the site in order to “vet” users, which in the long run will add peace of mind for both parties. Anyone found to be breaking the terms & conditions of the service can be fined, with compensation going to the party that has lost out.

Examples of rule breaking include: returning the vehicle without petrol and leaving litter in the vehicle.

For more information on the Easy Car Club, please visit the website here.


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