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Signs Of Growth And Recovery For Fleet Operators

Growth For Fleets

Van values reportedly increased by 5.5% during 2013, despite a significant rise in their age, according to market analysis from Manheim.

While the average LCV value at auction rose from £4,179 in December 2012 to £4,405 last month, the average age of vans under the hammer increased from 60 months, up to 63 during the year.

James Davis, head of commercial vehicles at Manheim, said: “Comparing an average van at auction today to one we would have seen a year ago, highlights the remarkable state of the current market.

“Today’s average van is three months older and has around 1,200 more miles on the clock compared to a typical van at auction in December 2012. The big difference is, today’s van is £226 more expensive.”

According to Manheim’s monthly market analysis, this rise in values has been driven by the ongoing shortage of good quality, low mileage vans at auction.

More specifically, car derived vans, aged between three and four years now boast a £668 higher average selling price compared to December 2012.

This can be attributed to them being four months younger and having 5,000 fewer miles compared to a year ago.

Despite the fact that 64% of small panel vans sold in December were over 60 months in age (actual average was 7.5 years), these vehicles saw a year-on-year increase in value of £327.

This was despite the fact that they were seven months older, yet had 2,500 fewer miles.


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