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European Winter Tyre Warning For UK Drivers

Winter Tyre Warning

UK Drivers could face on the spot fines for using the wrong tyres when travelling in Europe this winter, that’s according to The Department for Transport.

Severe winter weather in many European countries means the normal summer tyres fitted to most UK cars will not offer enough grip for safe driving or braking in icy or snowy conditions.

In Germany and some ski resorts, drivers are liable to on-the-spot fines if their car is not equipped with winter tyres or their car becomes stuck in slippery conditions due to the wrong tyres being fitted.

The Department for Transport says UK drivers are free to drive abroad but their car must satisfy the general technical requirements of each country it passes through.

Drivers are being urged to choose winter tyres if they are travelling into Europe this winter.

They should also check their tyres for condition, correct pressure and tread depth, as well as making sure they have a spare wheel and tyre in good condition.


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