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More Rain Sparks Flooding Fears For Business

More Flood Fears

The storms may be subsiding, but the flooding problem is still an issue of concern in Southern England and a big headache for businesses trying to keep mobile this month.

Swollen rivers and saturated ground have reportedly led to 50 flood warnings being placed across the South East and South West of the country, with motorists urged to remain vigilant.

Flooding on the roads can make already difficult winter driving conditions particularly treacherous and John Curtin, of the Environment Agency, has asked drivers to be prepared.

He said: “Environment Agency teams are out on the ground, maintaining flood defences, clearing watercourses and deploying pumps and temporary defences to protect communities at risk."

"There is a continued risk of flooding in southern England, especially Dorset, South Wiltshire, Somerset and the Thames Valley, and we urge people to remain vigilant and prepared to take action.”

The River Thames is particularly at risk of bursting its banks, while river levels are still high in Hampshire, West Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Wiltshire and along the Severn in Worcester and Gloucestershire.

Around 640 homes and business premises have suffered as a result of flooding since the start of January.

Stormy conditions and high winds already caused major problems over Christmas and there is more rain forecast for areas of saturated ground, leading to fears of yet more flooding.

(Image courtesy of David Dixon / Geograph)


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