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Winns and dealerships

Enhance your reputation with market-leading accident management protection to give you and your customers peace of mind

We all know that a satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal one. That’s why customer service is as central to Winn Solicitors as it is to your business. We understand that you need a partner that will match your exacting standards and help you achieve customer retention and growth targets. Our one-stop-shop is the most comprehensive accident management package on the market, delivering professional, efficient services all under your own brand.

Call Winns now on 03450 588787 to find out how we can protect your customers after an accident on the roads. Or register your interest in becoming part of the Winns network here.

The benefits of claims handling solutions from Winns

What we can do for our dealerships’ customers
Claiming good customer service is easy; delivering it is much more difficult. We’re different from our competitors because we offer your customers a genuinely outstanding and comprehensive service. Within Winns we work with a network of the most experienced and professional credit hire, credit repair and medical services, as well as utilising our own team of more than 30 solicitors to handle any legal aspects of claims management. With these partners we can deliver:

  • Like-for-like replacement vehicles to your customers through our credit hire partners
  • Repairs at an approved bodyshop
  • Swift and effective handling of personal injury compensation claims from specialist legal experts
  • Medical assessment and treatment at no cost to your customer
  • Rapid physiotherapy at no cost to your customer
  • Protection against loss of no claims bonus, excess and advice on avoiding premium hikes at renewal for non-fault accident victims

What we can do for our dealership partners

It’s not just customers who benefit from Winns. Our accident management services adds value to dealerships in a number of other ways, too. Our dealerships enjoy:

  • Good commission rates for referrals
  • Retail pre-accident value obtained for customers ensures more funds are available for spending within the dealership
  • Higher retail rates within the bodyshop for non-fault accidents ensures better margins.
  • Enhanced customer service increases loyalty to the dealerships.
  • Dealership branded service contributes towards increased customer retention rates
  • Diminution payments –customers have more money available for spending within the dealership.
  • Reciprocal referral of repair business
  • 24/7 File View system allowing your customers to track the progress of their claim via a secure internet connection
  • Use of database and bespoke Winns software for increasing work
  • Like-for-like replacement vehicles provide accident victims with an up-to-date model, enhancing a sale opportunity and attaining brand loyalty.
  • Provision of a unique free phone number with quick and easy access to our specialist dealership team.
  • Fully branded, white labelled support including free phone customer line (with a greeting of the dealership’s choice) and sales material including key fobs, cards, leaflets, etc.
  • Training within dealerships provided

Call now on 03450 588787 or Register online now to find out how you can become a Winns dealership partner? Alternatively, contact a member of our Dealership Team directly:

Lesley Stephenson
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