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Accident Management

One-stop accident management with Winns

"Get on board with the number one accident management company"

We are the specialists in handling road traffic accidents at Winn Solicitors. We have been providing an outstanding service to our customers since 2002, which is why we are now the leading UK accident management firm. At the core of our business is Winns – a growing network of partners working with our talented team of legal and accident management experts. We are always looking for new businesses to get on board with us.

If you are a repairer, bodyshop or broker sharing our commitment to outstanding customer service, call us on 03450 58 87 87 or register your interest now.

What we offer to our partners through Winns

Through Winns we have created a one-stop-shop for road traffic accident victims, delivering a more comprehensive range of legal, credit hire, credit repair and credit medical services than any of our competitors. To achieve this we insist on working with the very best brokers, repairers and bodyshops, partnering with those businesses whose exacting standards match our own. We also work with a number of dealerships and vehicle fleets, providing market leading accident management for them and their customers.

Visit our Dealership and Fleet pages for more details or make an enquiry here.

As the UK’s most innovative and dynamic claims management firms, we focus on making life as easy for our partners as possible. We have implemented the best infrastructure, employ the best staff and utilise the latest software to take care of all the processes and practices, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

What could this mean for you? Profitability, customer retention and business development across both fault and non-fault accidents.

“Being part of Winns has proved to be a good move for our business. We’ve enjoyed a steady stream of profitable work from them, and because we work closely with a dedicated team at Winns, things run much more smoothly. They know what makes our job more straightforward and we know what they need from us, which helps us both to keep clients happy.” – John Grimmett, Premier Vehicle Care

Join Winns as a referral partner, dealership or fleet

We’re growing rapidly and are proud of the service we deliver. But we are always looking for more partners able to benefit from Winns and able to add value to our business. If you are interested in collaborating with us, find out how you can Become a Partner.

Who we partner with

Want to join our network of valued partners? Here are just a few of the businesses we’re proud to collaborate with: Broadsure Direct, Crowthorne Insurance, Bestford & Co., Sureplan Insurance, Benfield, Blueline, Premier Vehicle Care and SME Protect Insurance Brokers

Awards and Accreditation

We measure our success by the number of satisfied customers we have, the great working relationships with our network of partners and our growth year on year. But it’s still nice to gain recognition for the work we do. Take a look at some of the success we’ve achieved together with our partners. 


Award winning accident management company.

Winns provide an award winning service. Find out what we can do for you.

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